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Our patients' well-being is our primary concern. Unlike any other spine center in the region, the Vanderbilt Spine Center maintains a robust outcomes registry that tracks how our patients are doing, even years after surgery. We use this data to improve how we care for patients every day. The following graphs are for the most recent data available from 2016.

Surgery Outcomes

We follow up with our patients at several points after surgery to see how treatment has improved their pain level, general health and quality of life. The following graphs show how, on average, our patients have experienced excellent outcomes.

For the first series of graphs (back pain, back-pain related disability, leg pain, etc.), a downward trend shows a good outcome. In the final graph (quality of life), an upward trend shows a good outcome.

Back Pain Outcomes

Back pain outcomes 2016

Back-Related Disability

Back-related disability outcomes chart 2016

Leg Pain Outcomes

Leg pain outcomes chart

Neck Pain Outcomes

Neck pain outcomes chart

Neck-Related Disability

Neck-related disability outcomes chart

Arm Pain Outcomes

Arm pain outcomes chart

Quality of Life

Quality of life improvement chart

Patient Satisfaction

Our goal is to deliver an excellent outcome along with professional and personalized service at every step. Our high patient satisfaction scores demonstrate our commitment to personalized care for every patient.

Patient Satisfaction: Lumbar Surgery

Patient satisfaction chart

Patient Satisfaction: Cervical Surgery

Patient satisfaction cervical procedures chart