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COVID-19 antibodies discovered by VUMC move to phase 3 trials

The antibodies were among six that were licensed to AstraZeneca in June for advancement into clinical development.

Vanderbilt-Ingram partners with Erlanger to provide cancer care

The agreement establishes VICC as Erlanger’s exclusive contracted provider of adult inpatient and outpatient hematology-oncology services.

COVID patient’s heart-lung transplant is world’s first

The complex procedure, completed Sept. 24, is the first heart-lung transplant VUMC has performed since 2006.

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Why you and yours need flu vaccinations this year

A Vanderbilt expert sheds light on the myths surrounding the flu shot, and explains why there’s really no excuse not to get yours this year.

Infographic: Symptoms and risk factors for pancreatic cancer

Warning signs you should be aware of — and the risk factors that mean you should be on the lookout for this aggressive cancer.

White patches on skin: What to know about vitiligo

This dermatology condition causes the skin to lose its pigment and present white patches on skin.