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Telehealth for Providers

Vanderbilt Telehealth brings the right care at the right time and place to hospitals, clinics and schools across the Southeast. Telehealth services bring specialty care from Vanderbilt's medical experts to your patients. A simple video consult with our experts lets you serve patients better and keep them close to home. Telehealth improves quality and cost of care and helps hospitals and clinics give patients better, more specialized medical service.

Why Choose Vanderbilt Telehealth

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    Brings our expertise to you

    Vanderbilt Telehealth is a convenient and cost-saving way to expand your medical services. Telehealth brings our specialty care to your hospital, clinic or school. A simple video consult with our experts from any location lets you serve patients better and keep them close to home.

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    Meets patient needs

    Telehealth helps you serve patients better by connecting them to a Vanderbilt medical expert without needing to travel from your local hospital, clinic or school. A recent survey of patients by Vanderbilt University Medical Center shows over 90% interest in using more telehealth services. 

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    Convenient and easy to use

    Vanderbilt Telehealth is affordable and simple to set up. The only technical requirement is a networked device such as a laptop, tablet or phone.

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    Easy implementation and support

    Once you are ready to begin using Vanderbilt Telehealth, we provide full implementation services. Our free support includes testing, observation and training. We will continue working with your team after your service begins.

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    Customized service

    Vanderbilt Telehealth works with providers to develop a custom service model for their unique needs.

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    Secure communication

    All video conferencing is secure and HIPAA compliant. Any medical records or other information can be exchanged through a secure platform.

Related Programs and Clinics

Hospital services (emergency and non-emergency) services available through telehealth include: 

  • Infectious disease consults
  • Neurology consults
  • Pediatric ECHO, EKG and EEG interpretation
  • Psychiatry and addiction
  • Retinopathy of prematurity
  • Sleep apnea

We also provide telehealth services for the following outpatient and ambulatory clinics and programs: