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My Health at Vanderbilt Help


Your time is valuable to us. To make sure you have the best experience with My Health at Vanderbilt, these instructions will help you use many of the settings and features in your My Health account.

  • Account Settings
  • Appointments & Prescriptions
  • Your Health Record
  • Billing
  • Message Your Provider

If you have trouble logging in to My Health at Vanderbilt, try resetting your password using the Update Password button on the home page.

If you haven't used My Health at Vanderbilt yet, activate your free account today.

If you need access to the health information of a child, spouse or other diminished capacity/dependent adult, learn more about Requesting Proxy Access.

Can I access MyHealth online from foreign countries?

We take great care to ensure that our network and your information remain secure. To guard against network attacks, we block incoming connections from many countries. The countries and networks we block are frequently updated, reflecting trends and sources of cyber threats. You might be unable to access your MyChart account outside of the United States. This applies to access to both the website and the MyChart app.