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Volunteer at Vanderbilt

Notice: Volunteer support suspended due to COVID-19

Updated July 15, 2020:

With the continued concern regarding the COVID-19 virus, our utmost responsibility as a healthcare system is to keep our patients, employees, volunteers and visitors safe.

Effective March 11, 2020, active volunteer support across the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, including Vanderbilt University Adult Hospital, The Vanderbilt Clinics, and One Hundred Oaks, has been suspended. We are not taking new volunteer applications for any program at this time. We do not have a date at which point we will be able to reactivate our program. At whatever time we are able to re-start volunteer support, we will begin by bringing back our currently trained volunteers who want to return. Once we begin accepting new applications, there will be training that includes new COVID-19 requirements.

Learn more at Volunteer at Vanderbilt.

Ways To Help During COVID-19

For some alternative ways to help at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, please visit: