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Hereditary Cancer Clinic

Heredity cancers occur because of a genetic variant that is passed down in a family. People with a variant in one of these genes may have a hereditary cancer syndrome and are at a higher risk of getting certain cancers. Our specialists provide comprehensive genetic evaluations, counseling and testing for patients whose family or personal history indicates they are at high risk of developing cancer.

Conditions We Treat

  • Cancer, including cancers diagnosed at a young age
  • Benign tumors, such as pheochromocytoma
  • Rare cancers, such as male breast cancer or sarcoma

Meet Your Care Team

Why Choose the Hereditary Cancer Clinic at Vanderbilt

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    Skilled clinicians

    Our program is the only one in Tennessee with doctors, nurse practitioners and genetic counselors specialized in evaluating and testing hereditary cancer. This means our team has received extensive training and experience in this specific area of cancer care.

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    Team approach

    We work together to ensure that you receive the comprehensive care you need. Our team members collaborate with each other, as well as with experts in other medical disciplines, to provide you with individual care that addresses your unique needs.

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    Personalized care

    We tailor your treatment plan to meet your unique needs and health goals. We help you navigate your treatment options to ensure you receive the best possible care.

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    Specialized care

    We offer a high risk pancreatic cancer surveillance service to provide screening, risk assessment and education for those at high risk of pancreatic cancer. Our team of specialists works with genetics experts to determine your risks and create a care plan just for you.

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    Our researchers are dedicated to developing new and more effective approaches to care. We not only apply the latest research, but also pioneer some of the latest innovations. You may have access to treatments before they are widely available.

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    We can offer specialty care through a simple video consultation with your doctor. This means you have access to a Vanderbilt specialist, close to home.

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    Online health portal

    We want to make your experience as seamless and stress-free as possible. You can use our secure online portal, My Health at Vanderbilt, to send messages to your care team, schedule appointments, manage medications and access your medical records.

Tests, Treatments and Services

We offer a full range of tests, treatments and services, including:


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