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Headache Clinic

We evaluate and treat patients with chronic headaches, most often migraines. Other types of primary headaches include:

While most headaches don't require a doctors visit, you should see a doctor if:

  • It's your first or worst headache
  • The headache came on very quickly
  • The headache started after age 50
  • The headache gets worse over time
  • You have a headache when waking up or a headache that wakes you up
  • You have a change in the pattern of a known chronic headache,
  • The headache doesn't respond to medicine
  • You feel numbness or weakness

Headache Clinical Trials

We conduct research to improve treatment of many kinds of headaches. For more information, please call Esther Mitchell at (615) 936-0216.

Headache Doctors

Headache Clinic

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