Research and Resources

Vanderbilt's Osher Center for Integrative Medicine is dedicated to transforming health care as we improve patients lives. Our practitioners are contributing to the growing field of integrative medicine through science.

Research That's Changing Health Care

Our practitioners study innovative ways to improve whole health mind, body and spirit. We are advancing new research in areas such as chronic pain, tools for patients to manage chronic disease, and health coach training. Read our practitioner bios to learn about our research and interests.

The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine also promotes research into integrative medicine by participating in the BraveNet project. BraveNet is a national network of clinics sharing information on patient needs and best practices in integrative medicine. Read more about BraveNet.

Learn More About Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is considered a relatively new approach to health care in the United States, but it uses therapies that have been practiced around the world for centuries. Our center is dedicated to educating health care providers and the public about the science of integrative medicine and its proven benefits.

To learn more about integrative medicine, use the resources below and talk with your health care providers.

Recommended Websites

Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

Recommended Books

The Mindful Diet: How to Transform Your Relationship with Food for Lasting Weight Loss and Vibrant Health, by Ruth Wolever, Ph.D. (Director of Health Coaching at Osher Center for Integrative Medicine), Beth Reardon and Tannia Hannan (2015). Learn more about The Mindful Diet and exercises you can try.

Disease-Proof: The Remarkable Truth About What Makes Us Well, by David Katz, M.D. and Stacey Colino (2013)

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression: A New Approach to Preventing Relapse, by Zindel V. Segal, Ph.D., J. Mark G. Williams, DPhil and John D. Teasdale

The Emotional Life of Your Brain: How Its Unique Patterns Affect the Way You Think, Feel, and Live -- and How You Change Them, by Richard J. Davidson and Sharon Begley

The Mindful Way Through Anxiety: Break Free from Chronic Worry and Reclaim Your Life, by Susan M. Orsillo, Ph.D. and Lizabeth Roemer, Ph.D.

The Pain Chronicles: Cures, Myths, Mysteries, Prayers, Diaries, Brain Scans, Healing, and the Science of Suffering, by Melanie Thernstrom

Search Inside Yourself, by Chade-Meng Tan