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Integrative Health Consultations


Treating a chronic illness sometimes requires more than traditional medicine alone. Integrative therapies, such as massage, mindfulness, yoga and acupuncture, can help stimulate healing, reduce pain and improve function. Find out which therapies are right for you by scheduling an Integrative Health Consultation at the Osher Center for Integrative Health at Vanderbilt.

These consultations typically are covered by insurance if you have a referral from your physician. Contact your insurance company for details.

Integrative Health Consultation Appointments

To make an appointment for your Integrative Health Consultation, ...

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Why Choose Integrative Health Consultations at Vanderbilt

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    Comprehensive care

    An integrative health consultation looks at all factors — physical, behavioral and emotional — potentially affecting your health. Rather than just treating symptoms, our specialists will help you find ways to better manage your overall wellness and enjoy a better quality of life.

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    Personalized care

    A physician or nurse practitioner will meet with you one on one to review your medical history and current health challenges. You’ll talk in-depth about nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, work, family and other influences. Then our specialist will recommend complementary therapies that can help you meet your health goals.

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    Knowledge and experience

    Our physicians and nurse practitioners are trained in integrative health. Their knowledge and experience translate into expert care for you.

Care Team

Gurjeet S. Birdee

Gurjeet S. BirdeeMD, MPH

    General Pediatrics, Integrative Medicine, Internal Medicine, Yoga Therapy
Kathryn A. Hansen

Kathryn A. HansenANP, PhD

    Integrative Medicine, Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Mandi M. Mizner

Mandi M. MiznerAPRN

    Integrative Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Kathleen L. Wolff

Kathleen L. WolffAPRN, MSN

    Integrative Medicine, Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation