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Integrative Health Consultations

An integrative health consultation looks at all the possible underlying factors affecting your health. Rather than just treating symptoms, we review your overall health condition.

Insurance typically covers integrative health consultations. Please check with your insurance company for details about your coverage.

Integrative Health Consultation With a Physician or Nurse Practitioner

With an integrative health consultation, you play an important role in your healing and wellness plan. Our integrative health specialists work with patients dealing with chronic pain or other health conditions, such as cancer. Our patients are interested in therapies that work with their traditional medicine.

During your session, a physician or nurse practitioner trained in integrative health will:

  • Review your medical history
  • Review your current health problems
  • Talk with you in-depth about all of the influences on your health, such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, family and work
  • Talk with you about complementary therapies that can help you heal and meet your health goals

Ready for a New Approach

Traditional medicine alone isnt always the solution to a chronic health problem. After years of struggling with her weight and the other health issues and depression that came with it, Janice was ready for a new approach. Read how her integrative health consultation led to a new approach and renewed health.