When I was young, I never worried about my weight. At age 21 I got married, had a baby at 22, and was divorced by age 23. Due to bad food choices, circumstances, and stress, I slowly piled on weight. When I became pregnant, I weighed 155 pounds. When I gave birth to my son, I weighed 196, and after starving for 6 months I only got down to 175. The stress of raising my son alone, working a full-time job and going to night college over the course of about 8 years added up.


I started to feel bad physically 15 years before my gastric bypass. I was exhausted all the time, out of breath doing simple things (even just walking), ashamed of my size, and wondering what happened. I got on the scale and was devastated! I weighed 287 pounds!!!

When I tried to exercise I would start strong and within less than a week I was sore and in pain. I tried to eat healthy and that left me feeling starved. I had no idea that losing weight did not mean eating rabbit food of only lettuce, but instead a balance of healthy protein, veggies and carbohydrates. I talked to my doctor and started walking, but I always seemed to fail because I just could not control my hunger and ended up overeating or giving up.

Gastric bypass surgery was my intervention. Thanks to the wonderful staff that supported and encouraged me and an awesome and gifted surgeon my life did change and I have never looked back! The surgery definitely helped in controlling my hunger and portion sizes.

I went from 287 pounds to 141 at my two-year follow-up visit. I was actually smaller than I was in high school! I went from a size 24 to a size 8 in clothes, my energy has never been better, I sleep well at night, I am more energetic during the day, I can exercise and keep up with other people, and I am able to get out and enjoy life.

I guess you could say the "skinny of it" would be that this is YOUR choice. Gastric bypass surgery takes dedication and discipline. I owed it to myself to become healthy and I have added years to my life by losing half of my body weight!