In testimonial stories, there is always a beginning. My beginning was after bearing two beautiful children. I continued to enjoy life, but as time went along I gained more weight and without even realizing it, I lost myself along the way.

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Thirteen years and two failed pregnancies later, I was at my highest weight ever in my life. At 276 pounds, I no longer felt comfortable in my own skin. I could barely breathe while walking; I was pre-diabetic, sleeping with a CPAP machine nightly, and severely depressed. In 2010, I said, enough is enough; it's time to get my life back. I begin to research different options, and attempted to lose weight without surgery.

After attending the seminar and meeting the wonderful staff at the Vanderbilt Center for Surgical Weight Loss, I chose to have gastric bypass surgery. March 22, 2011 is my new birthday and Dr. Ronald Clements was my surgeon. All of my expectations were set before/after surgery and I had little to no complications.

Since 2011, I have lost more than 100 pounds. I stay motivated by registering and completing half marathons, exercising a minimum of five days per week, and incorporating exciting/adventurous workouts and activities like hip hop dance, hot yoga and zip-lining.

I feel the best I have felt in more than 13 years. I have received many humbling compliments about my journey, but the best compliment I have received thus far is, you look so youthful. I would like to thank Dr. Clements and his awesome staff for helping me get my life back. Remember this is a lifestyle change, not a fad. Empower, encourage, inspire!