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MyWeightLossHealth – Surgical Weight Loss

Weight Loss That Works for You

While weight loss surgery is a viable option for a portion of patients with high-risk obesity, many employers have opted not to cover these procedures because historically they have been associated with high complication rates, an alarming number of readmissions and potentially astronomical costs. Weight loss surgery has improved in recent years with a level of safety similar to other abdominal surgeries performed in a minimally invasive fashion.

The MyWeightLossHealth – Surgical Weight Loss bundle builds on these innovations and includes coordinated, proactive care from the new patient consult through weight loss procedure and post-op follow up.

What’s Included

  • Concierge support from a dedicated patient navigator
  • Bariatric office visits pre- and- post surgery
  • A pre-surgery clearance visit for each of the services listed: cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, pulmonary, endocrinology and hematology.  
  • Dietitian and psychiatric visits 
  • Pre-surgery preparation and education
  • Necessary diagnostic imaging such as an EGD (endoscopy of upper GI tract)
  • All activities related to the chosen procedure (whether Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass) and hospital stay
  • Post-surgery emergency visits, observation stays, and related hospital admissions or procedures for 90 days 
  • Labs, including vitamins, monitored for entire year post-surgery
  • Lifetime access to a support groups 

How It Works

  • Interested candidates speak with our patient navigator, who confirms health plan eligibility, explains the process and collects required information. 
  • Once health plan eligibility has been confirmed, the patient will be scheduled for a surgical consult to determine medical eligibility. 
  • If the care team deems an individual a good candidate for surgery, he or she will officially begin their journey to weight loss surgery. Patients that are determined not candidates for surgery will be offered participation in our Medical Weight Loss bundle, or other weight loss treatment options outside of MyWeightLossHealth. 
  • Pre-surgery education on topics ranging from nutrition to emotional wellbeing will be available to help the patient prepare for the procedure. Patients will also be connected to a social support group made up of other current and past participants.
  • Typical hospital stay is 1-2 days for both surgical procedures. Often patients are able to return to work in less than two weeks. 
  • Our care team will arrange post-operative check-ins to ensure the patient is on the road to recovery. We will stay by the patient’s side for a full year to ensure long-term success.

Things to Consider

  • Being medically eligible for surgical weight loss is just the beginning of your journey. Before your surgery date is scheduled, you must demonstrate a willingness to make changes in lifestyle, dietary habits, and exercise. But don’t stress, your care team is with you every step of the way.
  • You should be aware:
    • Smoking cessation- Nicotine use is directly related to poor surgical outcomes. You will not be scheduled for surgery until you have been nicotine free for at least 90 days with intent to stay nicotine free. 
    • Alcohol consumption- In addition to being a source of extra calories, alcohol can have greater negative impacts on your health after surgery. We recommend avoiding alcohol to maximize the benefits of your operation.


Please visit your employer's benefits website or speak with a patient navigator to confirm eligibility.


Eligible health plan beneficiaries must speak with a patient navigator to enroll in the program.


Bundle coverage begins upon enrollment with a patient navigator and ends 12 months after surgery.

Let's Get Started

Are you ready for change? Let us show you how the MyWeightLossHealth – Surgical Weight Loss bundle can make healthcare work better for your employees and your bottom line. Contact our Employer Solutions team at:

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