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MyWeightLossHealth - Surgical Weight Loss FAQs

What is the Surgical Weight Loss Bundle?

The MyWeightLossHealth — Surgical Weight Loss Bundle is an individualized experience designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. We review your personal health history and conduct nutritional and psychological evaluations for two surgical procedures commonly known as a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. Prior to surgery, we work with you to help develop healthy eating habits and increase your physical activity, all with a focus on mental readiness. Patient evaluations are designed to make the process personalized, safe and convenient while preparing you to achieve your best results after surgery.

What does the Surgical Weight Loss Bundle cost?

For information on cost, please visit your employer’s benefits website, or schedule an appointment with one of our patient navigators here.

Who is eligible?

To confirm your eligibility for the bundle, please check with your employer or start conversation in the Chat box below.

Do I qualify if I am already a weight loss surgery candidate but have not had surgery yet?

Yes. If you are currently a weight loss surgery candidate at one of our Vanderbilt Weight Loss Clinic locations but have not had your surgery yet, you can speak with a patient navigator to confirm that you qualify through your health insurance plan. The navigator will then enroll you in the bundles program.

If you are currently a weight loss surgery candidate at a clinic outside of Vanderbilt, you can move your care to the Vanderbilt Weight Loss Center at One Hundred Oaks. The clinical team will review the steps you have already completed and may require you to repeat some of them to ensure you have all the right tools for success after surgery.

Confirm your eligibility by starting a conversation in the Chat box below, or schedule an appointment here.


Do I still need to enroll even if I have insurance coverage?

Yes. Eligible health plan beneficiaries must enroll prior to their surgeon consult with a Vanderbilt Health bariatrics provider to ensure all bundle-related care is covered by the MyWeightLossHealth — Surgical Weight Loss Bundle. Any services provided prior to enrollment will be billed to your traditional health plan.

Confirm your eligibility by starting a conversation in the Chat box below, or schedule an appointment here.

How do I get started?

Follow this two-step process to ensure your care is covered as part of a MyHealth Bundle program:

  1. Complete a consult with a patient navigator: The patient navigator will determine if you qualify through your employer and can help schedule your appointments with a Vanderbilt Health provider. Confirm your eligibility in the Chat box below, schedule an appointment here or call (615) 936–BNDL (2635) for more information.
  2. Meet your care team: Complete your first appointment with a Vanderbilt Health provider to confirm your clinical eligibility.

What happens if my health plan changes mid-bundle?

You must be enrolled in a bundle-eligible health plan. You can move between bundle-eligible health plans mid-bundle, but you cannot transition to an ineligible health plan and stay in the bundle. Please visit your employer’s benefits website to make sure you qualify.

If your insurance changes mid-bundle (even if it's still a bundle-covered health plan), you must call your patient navigator at (615) 936–BNDL (2635).

What services are included in the bundle?

The MyWeightLossHealth — Surgical Weight Loss Bundle includes coordinated, personalized care from your initial consultation through the weight-loss procedure and post-surgery follow up. Benefits include:

Bundle-related services offered by Vanderbilt providers at any of the bundle-eligible locations listed in this searchable map directory, such as:

  • Surgeon appointments
  • Nutrition and psych assessments
  • Labs
  • Related imaging
  • Surgery

You also have access to:

  • Educational classes
  • Support groups
  • Telehealth services
  • Sleep consultation
  • Concierge service with a dedicated patient navigator

What services are NOT covered by the bundle?

  • Care unrelated to weight loss surgery or the MyWeightLossHealth Bundle
  • Care provided by non-VUMC providers
  • Prescriptions (Rx)


How long does the bundle last?

Bundle coverage begins upon enrollment with a patient navigator and ends 12 months after surgery.

What happens if I still have surgical weight loss-related appointments after my bundle ends?

Any surgical weight loss-related appointments and/or services that occur after the bundle ends will be billed to your traditional health insurance.

What locations are included in the bundle?

For a current list of locations participating in the bundle program, view our searchable map. All outpatient visits are available at any of the clinic locations listed.

*Note: Vanderbilt Tullahoma Harton Hospital and Vanderbilt Bedford Hospital are not participating in bundles currently. 

What happens if I have a cancellation event?

In case of a cancellation event after your first appointment—such as a change in your benefits plan or the need to take a different pathway of care—all services incurred under the bundle up until the day of cancellation would remain covered by the bundle. Any services incurred after cancellation would be routed to your traditional insurance plan and will be your responsibility. Patients should reach out to their patient navigator if a cancellation event occurs.

Who do I contact for questions?

Our patient navigators are happy to answer your questions. Confirm your eligibility in the Chat box below, schedule an appointment here or call (615) 936-BNDL (2635).