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MyWeightLossHealth – Surgical Weight Loss

Weight loss surgery is an effective treatment and perhaps the right answer for you. If you qualify for weight loss surgery, our team develops a personalized weight loss strategy designed to meet your unique needs. We have created a smooth pathway with the MyWeightLossHealth — Surgical Weight Loss Bundle. From preoperative education to postoperative support, the experience is streamlined with the help of a personal patient navigator, and healthcare costs are transparent and predictable.

What’s Included

The MyWeightLossHealth — Surgical Weight Loss Bundle provides coordinated, personalized care from your initial consultation through the weight-loss procedure and post-surgery follow up. 

The bundle includes one of two surgical procedures based on your needs: laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (“gastric sleeve”) and laparoscopic gastric bypass (“gastric bypass”). Regardless of the procedure, your Surgical Weight Loss Bundle benefits include:

  • Concierge service from a dedicated patient navigator and a support person you select to help you through your weight loss journey
  • Bariatric office visits pre- and post-surgery
  • If necessary, a pre-surgery clearance visit from specialists in cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, pulmonary, endocrinology and hematology
  • Dietitian and psychology visits
  • Sleep consultation 
  • Pre-surgery preparation and education
  • Necessary diagnostic imaging such as an EGD (endoscopy of upper GI tract)
  • All activities related to your procedure (whether gastric sleeve or gastric bypass) and hospital stay
  • Post-surgery emergency visits, observation stays, and related hospital admissions or procedures for 90 days
  • Labs included for one year post-surgery
  • Access to a support group

How It Works

  • First, make sure you are eligible for the MyWeightLossHealth — Surgical Weight Loss Bundle. See Eligibility and Enrollment below.
  • A patient navigator will schedule your initial consult with a surgeon to determine if you are medically eligible for surgery.
  • If you are eligible, you will officially begin your surgical weight loss journey. If not, you will be offered other weight loss treatment options. 
  • You’ll select a support person (friend or family member) to help you through your weight loss journey.
  • Pre-surgery education on topics ranging from nutrition to emotional wellbeing will help you prepare for the procedure. You will also be connected to a support group made up of current and past patients.
  • The typical hospital stay is 1-2 days for either surgical procedure. Often patients can return to work in less than two weeks for jobs that are low impact or do not involve heavy lifting.
  • Your care team will arrange your post-surgery check-ins to ensure that you are on the road to recovery. We will stay by your side for a full year to support your long-term success.

Your Commitment Is Key

Being medically eligible for surgical weight loss is just the beginning of your journey—you must also demonstrate a willingness to make changes in lifestyle, dietary habits and exercise. But don’t stress: Your care team is with you every step of the way. Here are two important considerations:

  • Because nicotine use is directly related to poor surgical outcomes, you will not be scheduled for surgery until you have been nicotine-free for at least 90 days with intent to stay nicotine-free.
  • We recommend avoiding alcohol since it can negatively impact your health after surgery.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Begin by checking your eligibility for the bundle in the Chat box below. 

If you are eligible to participate in the MyWeightLossHealth — Surgical Weight Loss Bundle, you must speak with one of our patient navigators to enroll in the program. Eligibility and enrollment requirements vary by employer, and our patient navigators can walk you through the process and help schedule your first appointment.

Confirm your eligibility in the Chat box below, schedule an appointment at this link, or call (615) 936–BNDL (2635) for more information.


Bundle coverage begins upon enrollment with a patient navigator and ends 12 months after surgery.