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MyHealth Bundles

MyHealth Bundles is designed to provide you and your dependents with an enhanced healthcare experience. From concierge-level service and streamlined care to fewer out of pocket costs, you will notice the difference from the very start of your journey. By completely reimagining your care experience and “bundling” all of the services you need to succeed with common or complex health conditions, this new approach provides additional support and improves convenience to ease many of the worries commonly associated with healthcare.

Why Choose Vanderbilt

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    Nationally recognized care

    You can trust our team of experts at Vanderbilt Health to care for all of your needs, from the most common to the most complex diseases, conditions and treatments in all stages of life. Our flagship hospital, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, is one of the top ranked academic medical centers in the country for preventive and specialty care.

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    Concierge service

    With MyHealth Bundles, you have access to a dedicated patient navigator who facilitates all non-clinical needs, such as booking appointments, navigating the Vanderbilt Health system, providing helpful resources and answering questions about the MyHealth Bundles program and Vanderbilt services. Every step of the way, you enjoy concierge-level support and service.

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    Predictable, affordable costs

    In addition to a more streamlined approach to care, MyHealth Bundles also include a more streamlined financial process that enables your healthcare expenses to be more predictable and affordable. We provide more support, at a higher quality, with more convenient access. All with fewer out-of-pocket expenses.

Bundles We Offer

Many common episodes of care, such as having a baby or undergoing spine surgery, involve a defined set of services. Traditionally, these services have not been well coordinated by healthcare providers and were delivered ad hoc to patients in an inconsistent way. The burden of navigating from one service to the next is placed on the patient. It’s not an ideal design for you or your loved ones.

With MyHealth Bundles, all of the services required for a specific condition are organized, aligned and included in an integrated approach. A patient navigator serves as a helpful guide throughout the process. Medical teams are empowered to deliver streamlined care. And much of the complexity and frustration you typically experience from status quo healthcare is eased by this approach.

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