Movement Classes

Our yoga, tai chi and qi gong classes use gentle movement, breathing, mindful awareness and meditation for a mind-body approach to health and wellness. Movement classes encourage whole-health wellness and are fitting for any age or fitness level. They support healing whether youre recovering from surgery or have a health problem such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression or anxiety.

Schedules and Registration

Most of our movement classes are offered as a series over a set number of weeks but some are also offered as single sessions. Find more details about schedules, dates, times, costs and registration on our calendar page. Look under Classes (individual classes) and Series (class series).

Yoga Series (see our class series listings)

Gentle Yoga for Back Care: This class helps people with chronic back pain or other health problems relieve tension from back pain, improve back flexibility and gain strength and support in the back.

Gentle Yoga for Self-Care: Using gentle movement, breathing, sound and visualization, this five-week series helps you create compassionate ways of relating to yourself. You begin to integrate self-care and self-compassion into your life.

Mind-Body Skills for Managing Chronic Pain, Skills & Practices: This practice uses yoga postures, breath and meditation. It helps you develop mind-body skills to cope with and relieve chronic pain from fibromyalgia, lupus, other health problems or residual, long-term effects of injury or trauma.

Rotating Yoga Series: We offer different yoga series that focus on specific areas of therapeutic need, including Yoga for Sleeping Well and Yoga for Fibromyalgia.

Yoga Classes (see our individual class listings)

Weekly classes are available as a 4-, 6- or 8-week class pack ($12 per class) or for $14 as a drop-in class.

Gentle Yoga: This class uses movement and postures, breathing and meditation to give a feeling of energy and calm. Teachers take you through simple movements, while using your breath and attention to help cultivate well-being. This class is open and safe, even if you have physical limitations or no experience.

Gentle Yoga for Fitness: Instructors guide you through movements and postures linked with your breath. Gentle Yoga for Fitness moves at a steady pace and emphasizes taking care of your own body. This class is suitable if you can sit, stand and lie down on your own. No experience is needed.

Private Yoga Sessions: Private yoga sessions let you address specific problems and receive a personalized home yoga practice. The practices are modified to your needs, based on chronic health conditions and therapeutic goals.

Tai Chi Series (see our class series listings)

Tai chi is a mind-body exercise that coordinates the mind and body by nurturing internal energy and developing balance. Tai chi helps you relax, reduce stress, increase strength and improve concentration.

Introductory Tai Chi: This level introduces the basic principles and six movements of tai chi. This class is for beginners with little to no experience.

Continuing Tai Chi: This level teaches movements of the Yang-Style 24-posture form with an emphasis on core movements, centering and breathing. This series is for students who have completed the introductory class and tai chi practitioners in the beginning and intermediate levels.

Advanced: This level incorporates breathing into the 24-posture form and is best for Yang-style tai chi practitioners with one year or more of experience.

Tai Chi for Balance: This series helps improve balance with gentle and slow tai chi movements. It helps develop skills that may prevent falls and improve coordination. This is especially helpful if you have challenges with balance due to age, Parkinsons disease or multiple sclerosis.

Qi gong Series (see our class series listings)

Qi gong is a mind-body practice and exercise that integrates posture, body movements, breathing and focused intention to improve mental and physical health.

Healing Qi gong: Healing qi gong uses gentle movement, breath and stillness to nurture non-judgmental awareness and a kind relationship with body and self. This class focuses on qi gong practices that still the mind, connect with the body and soothe the heart.

Health Yi Jin-Jing Q igong: This form of qi gong is often referred to as tendon-muscle strengthening exercise. It includes a series of 12 twisting, bending and stretching postures along with regulated breathing, which help enhance overall bodily functions. This series is for people interested in a more rigorous style of movement than traditional qi gong and tai chi.

Qi Gong for Continuing Students: This series is for students who have already completed previous series. It supports your continued your practice.