Digestive Disease Center / Diagnostic Procedures / GI Endoscopy Lab: What to Expect

GI Endoscopy Lab: What to Expect

Once You Get to the GI Lab:

  • A responsible adult must accompany you, remain in the waiting room, and drive you home after your procedure.
  • Once you are registered, you will be taken to the Pre Op area. Your family will remain in the waiting area.
  • In Pre Op, you will be will asked about your medical history and allergies. An IV will be started.
  • If you have general anesthesia, they will meet with you. Extra tests may be ordered at that time. You will be seen by the doctor doing the procedure and sign the consent. You will be taken back to the procedure area.
  • After the procedure, you will be taken to the wake up area. One of your family members will be allowed back at that time. You will remain there until you are alert enough to go home.
  • Before you leave, you and your family member will be given going home instructions, and the physician will speak with you about your procedure. Our transporter will take you to your car in a wheel chair.

After Your Procedure

After your procedure you may have:

  • Excessive gas
  • Burping
  • Soreness of muscles and abdomen
  • Sore throat

Endoscopy Appointments or Questions

Call (615) 322-1881

Possible Side Effects of IV Drugs Given in the GI Lab

You should not drive a car, use machinery or sign legal documents for 24 hours after the procedure. You may experience mild:

  • forgetfulness.
  • drowsiness or tiredness.
  • nausea and or vomiting.
  • dizziness or lightheadedness.
  • sweating.
  • IV site irritation.
  • dryness of mouth, nose, and throat.