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At the Vanderbilt Center for Surgical Weight Loss, we understand that losing weight is difficult and so is keeping it off. Being overweight not only harms your health, but also your quality of life and the way you feel about yourself.

Surgery can help certain patients overcome some of the challenges of weight loss, if their health permits it and they have realistic goals. Many of Vanderbilts surgical weight loss clients say that their surgery played an important role in changing their life in fact, many say they wish theyd done it sooner.

We combine the latest in expertise and technique with unparalleled support. Vanderbilt offers several laparoscopic bariatric surgery options, including roux-en-Y bypass and vertical sleeve gastrectomy. We serve clients in Tennessee and surrounding states. Our comprehensive program is designed to fit each persons unique needs. The Vanderbilt team includes surgeons, bariatricians (doctors who treat obesity), nurses, dietitians, a psychologist, exercise physiologists and insurance coordinators.

With follow-up care from our team and support from others on the same path, clients can change their lifestyles and navigate the transition to a healthy weight and a better life.

Resources for Patients

Diet packet (PDF)

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