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MyWeightLossHealth – Medical Weight Loss

The MyWeightLossHealth – Medical Weight Loss Bundle helps patients lose meaningful weight through a combination of lifestyle therapies and appropriate medication. The bundle is designed for patients with more severe obesity who may not choose or qualify for bariatric surgery.

What’s Included

  • Concierge support from a dedicated patient navigator
  • Relevant lab work, including biometric panels and measurement of resting metabolic rate 
  • Oversight and support from an obesity specialist
  • Dietitian and behavioral health visits as needed
  • Assistance with nutrition, water intake and physical activity tracking through apps including MyFitnessPal, MyPlate and others
  • Select anti-obesity medications
  • Referral and access as appropriate to Vanderbilt Dayani Center for medical fitness programs
  • Sleep consultation

How It Works

  • First, make sure you are eligible for the MyWeightLossHealth – Medical Weight Loss Bundle. See the Eligibility and Enrollment section below. 
  • To qualify for the Medical Weight Loss Bundle, you must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of greater than or equal to 35 and have not had a surgical weight loss procedure within the past 12 months. (Calculate your BMI here.)
  • Your patient navigator will schedule your initial consult with an obesity specialist.
  • If the care team determines that you should not continue along your care journey, you will be offered other weight loss treatment options. 
  • If you continue with the bundle, you will complete an onboarding process that includes a group dietitian educational class, lab work and a consult with an obesity specialist.
  • For 12-18 months, you will work with our physician-led, multidisciplinary team, including regular visits with an obesity specialist, behavioral health specialist and dietitian as needed. Patients have ongoing access to MyFitnessPal to track nutrition and activity. Qualified patients may be referred to the Vanderbilt Dayani Center for medical fitness.  
  • The clinical team will be checking on you regularly to evaluate your progress. At the one-year mark, you will start working with your clinical team to start developing a transition plan so you can maintain your success after your bundle ends. 

Eligibility and Enrollment

Begin by checking your eligibility for the bundle in the Chat box below. 

If you are eligible to participate in the MyWeightLossHealth – Medical Weight Loss Bundle, you must speak with one of our patient navigators to enroll in the program. Eligibility and enrollment requirements vary by employer, and our patient navigators can walk you through the process and help schedule your first appointment.

Confirm your eligibility in the Chat box below, schedule an appointment here or call (615) 936–BNDL (2635) for more information.


Bundle coverage begins upon enrollment with a patient navigator and can last up to 12-18 months based on your individual journey.