Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)

This device helps the heart pump blood throughout the body. Once the device is implanted and attached to the left, right or both ventricles of the heart, the system is powered by wires leading to external batteries carried in a portable pack.

A patient may need a VAD if he or she has a weakened heart or heart failure. This means the heart can no longer pump the amount of blood the body needs to work properly.

A VAD can help patients that:

  • Have heart failure that doesn’t get better with medicine or other treatments
  • Have heart failure and are waiting for a heart transplant
  • Have heart failure but can’t have a heart transplant
  • Are recovering from heart surgery or a heart event, such as a heart attack

Vanderbilt VAD Patients

When needed, Vanderbilt VAD patients can page a member of our VAD team at (615) 343-3892.

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