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Vanderbilt Executive Wellness and Concierge Medicine

Vanderbilt Executive Wellness and Concierge Medicine accommodates individuals who are seeking to establish a primary care doctor with advanced personal access. Our doctors are always accessible for you, so you can save valuable time when a healthcare need arises. 

Executive Wellness and Concierge Medicine: Why Choose Vanderbilt

  • Enhanced access: We offer you extended time with your doctor during appointments and convenient access to your doctor outside of appointments. We also offer same- or next-day visits with minimal wait time during the week.
  • Personalized care: We work closely with you to guide your medical care in tandem with your lifestyle and wellness habits.
  • Coordinated care: We are happy to coordinate your medical care, facilitate scheduling with medical and surgical specialists, and interface with other doctors on your behalf.
  • Access to specialists: As part of Vanderbilt University Medical Center, we can quickly refer you to some of the top specialists in the country for further services, if needed.
  • Access to medical records: You can access your medical records or contact your doctor 24/7 through our secure online portal, My Health at Vanderbilt

Executive Wellness and Concierge Medicine: How It Works

  • To be mindful of your time, we can request access to your medical records – with your permission – before your initial appointment. This allows our doctors to review your health history in advance and confirm this information with you at the time of your appointment.
  • Your first appointment involves a holistic health assessment to review your physical, mental and emotional health. This includes a complete medical history review with your doctor, physical examination, immunization assessment, age-appropriate screening and diagnostic tests, executive wellness laboratory panel, preventive cardiovascular tests, pharmacogenomic tests, and novel tests for cancer and inherited diseases.
  • Approximately one week after your first appointment, you will meet with your doctor for a follow-up visit to review the results of the diagnostic tests and medical recommendations.
  • After your first appointment, we will provide routine preventive wellness care, including:
    • Annual physical, inclusive of the executive wellness laboratory profile and relevant diagnostic testing
    • Ongoing preventive wellness advice, including routine office visits and regular interactive patient-provider communication
    • Management of acute and chronic medical conditions
    • Coordination of medical care and priority scheduling with medical and surgical doctors
    • In-office lab draws, medication injections (testosterone, allergy, B-12, etc.), immunizations and IV fluid administration
    • Routine immunizations and travel vaccinations
    • Doctor-driven, personalized health coaching (exercise training, nutrition advice, weight optimization, cognitive behavioral therapy, physical therapy)


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This clinic is an outpatient department of Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Vanderbilt Executive Wellness and Concierge Medicine
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