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Read about the patients whose stories inspire us, and the pioneering work by researchers and clinicians who make a difference for patients today and in the future.

Vanderbilt Transplant Center reached new record in 2021

645 life-saving procedures in adult and pediatric programs.

Bariatric surgery gave LVAD patient second chance at life

Veronica Llamas-Barajas is now a step closer to heart transplant.

Eighteen years ago Kanisha Sizemore got a new kidney and pancreas.

With her job in the Transplant Pharmacy she gives patients hope and perspective.

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Living with a tracheostomy

If you or a loved one suddenly needs a tracheostomy, you may have questions.

Q&A: Migraines and nerve decompression surgery

A possible option for your ongoing discomfort.

Breathing challenges post-COVID

Why you should see an otolaryngologist if you’re still having trouble breathing after recovering.