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Huntington's Disease

The Huntington’s Disease Program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center focuses exclusively on diagnosing and caring for individuals with this genetic, neurodegenerative disorder—as well as providing support for their families. Here, you’ll find a care team that’s committed to delivering expert and compassionate care, which you’ll experience throughout your treatment journey with us.

Conditions We Treat

Meet Your Care Team

Amy E. Brown

Amy E. BrownMS, MD

    Movement Disorders, Neurology, Neurosciences
Daniel O. Claassen

Daniel O. ClaassenMD

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, Neurology, Neurosciences
James E. Eaton

James E. EatonIII, BS, MS, MD

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, Neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis, Neurology, Neurosciences
David A. Isaacs

David A. IsaacsMD, MPH

    Movement Disorders, Neurology, Neurosciences, Pediatric Neurology
Katherine E. Mcdonell

Katherine E. McdonellMD

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, Neurology, Neurosciences
Katharine N. Sourbeer

Katharine N. SourbeerMD

    Huntington's Disease, Movement Disorders, Neurology, Neurosciences
Ciaran M. Considine

Ciaran M. ConsidinePhD

    Brain Tumors, Clinical Neuropsychology, Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, Movement Disorders, Neurology, Neuropsychology, Neurosciences
Jeffrey G. Stovall

Jeffrey G. StovallMD

    Adult Psychiatry, Psychiatry, Psychosis, First-Episode
Amy E. Wynn

Amy E. WynnFNP

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, Movement Disorders, Neurology, Neurosciences

Why Choose Huntington's Disease Care at Vanderbilt

  • diploma, award, ribbon, Recognized care, quality
    Recognized care

    We are one of only a few programs in the country to receive a Level 1 Center of Excellence designation from the Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA). This designation is a result of our partnership with Erlanger Health System and the Movement Disorders Clinic at the Cole Neuroscience Center to expand access to care for patients with Huntington’s disease.

  • physician, doctor, stethoscope, Skilled clinicians
    Skilled clinicians

    Our neurologists have specialized training in diagnosing and treating individuals with Huntington’s disease. As leading experts, our doctors also serve in the organizations responsible for establishing national guidelines for patient care.

  • goal, specialized, individualized, customized, Personalized care
    Personalized care

    We tailor your treatment plan to meet your unique needs and health goals. We help you navigate your treatment options to ensure you receive the best possible care.

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    Coordinated care

    Our doctors work closely with experts in other medical disciplines to create a care plan that meets your individual needs. We also work with your primary care doctor to review your records and coordinate any advanced care you may need.

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    Clinical trials

    As part of an academic medical center, we offer access to some of the most promising new approaches being tested in clinical trials. Find a clinical trial

Tests, Treatments and Services

We offer a full range of tests, treatments, and services including:


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