Corporate Health Fairs

The goal of the Vanderbilt Corporate Relations Health Fair is to provide health education and awareness to your employees in an informal venue designed for easy information exchange. Each health fair is developed to meet the needs of your employee base.
Our staff has a genuine interest in health education and sharing their information for others knowledge. Not all departments are available for every health fair, but every effort will be made to have as much participation as possible. Some of the clinics who regularly participate in our health fairs include:

  • Vanderbilt Asthma Sinus Allergy Program
  • Vanderbilt Breast Center
  • Vanderbilt Diabetes Center
  • Vanderbilt Corporate Health
  • Vanderbilt Heart
  • Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center
  • More....

Contact Us about coordinating your health fair. We will meet with you to establish which services will best serve your employee population. Our staff will be responsible for setting up the health fair, breaking it down and everything in between.