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Vanderbilt Total Health


Vanderbilt Total Health (VTH) is an innovative program created to address the unique population health challenges facing workforces of all shapes and sizes.

Recruitment. Retention. Burnout. The lingering effects of the pandemic. For myriad reasons, area employers are looking for a more comprehensive, cohesive portfolio of health care benefits for their employees. VTH is a membership model that combines Vanderbilt University Medical Center's world-class services and new programs, such as FlexCare. We deliver a high-touch, personalized patient experience that can improve your organization's health and plan performance.

Your Connection Point to Better Health for Your Employees

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Prevention & Education

Prevention & Education customizes care for your employee population, with Vanderbilt Health as your trusted health advisor. The team supports wellness, prevention and mental health in the workplace, featuring the following services:

Physical health services

  • Annual health evaluation, biometrics and targeted health risk assessment, medical history review and labs
  • RN health coaching to support health goals
  • Assistance finding a primary care provider or specialist
  • Education related to preventive screenings
  • Planned events performed at the employer location
  • Quarterly health campaigns along with wellness committees

Mental health services

  • Dedicated resources from a licensed clinical social worker 
  • Short-term cognitive behavioral therapy counseling
  • Referrals to existing EAP/other benefits services
  • Leadership training and support of workplace emotional or mental well-being and psychological safety

Spiritual and emotional health services

  • Dedicated chaplain and spiritual care resource
  • Spiritual and emotional health counseling. regardless of spiritual or religious beliefs and practices
  • Education, group classes and support groups


FlexCare is a dynamic alternative to a traditional on-site clinic. It includes concierge-level facilitated access to Vanderbilt Health’s clinical services and is aligned to the modern work environment. The program is tailored to the needs of each employer, and personalized to the preferences of each employee.

What employers can expect

  • An excellent user experience. The dynamic care model offers employees access to personalized care delivered in a variety of ways.
  • Value-based care. The population health-built care model is focused on higher-quality, lower-cost providers. It also connects employees to nurse navigators to reduce unnecessary ED utilization and drive toward an appropriate level of care.
  • Collaborative design. The program works with employers to develop health education campaigns, annual wellness events and programming that reflects cultural priorities.
  • Timely data. The program gathers insights to gauge patient satisfaction.
  • Clear communication. A dedicated team prioritizes regular and meaningful touch points and aims for continuous improvement.
  • All-inclusive care. With VTH, your team will benefit from our comprehensive approach to care that considers the body, mind and spirit.

What employees will experience

  • A dedicated nurse navigator. The navigator connects your employees to the right level of care for their condition—whether emergency, urgent or scheduled care.
  • A comfortable and familiar touchpoint. Employees won't need to start from scratch every time they call their nurse navigator.
  • Flexibility and convenience. The program offers high-quality care when and where it’s needed—at the workplace, via telehealth, at home or at convenient Vanderbilt Health locations.