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Corporate Health and Wellness


Vanderbilt Corporate Health and Wellness offers comprehensive and customized health screenings, immunization services, COVID-19 asymptomatic testing and vaccination services, and wellness education to improve the health of employees in Nashville and throughout Tennessee and the region. Call the number above to schedule an onsite health screening.

Corporate Health and Wellness

Onsite Health Screenings

Employer onsite health screenings may be the only medical checkup your employees receive all year. These wellness events can help to reduce health insurance claims by identifying risk factors and encouraging employees to live healthier. Our discounted services for employer partners apply to both onsite health screenings and flu shots.

View the types of screenings offered below, and click the button on the upper right to receive our free PDF brochure with more information.

Types of Screenings

  • Basic Health Screening

    A basic health screening includes:

    • Standard physiological measurements (height, weight, body mass index and blood pressure)
    • Blood work, including a lipid profile, triglycerides and glucose
    • Employee receives results the same day of the screening
  • Comprehensive & Customized Health Screenings

    In addition to the basic health screening, the comprehensive screening includes:

    • Personal health profile
    • Personal health report
    • Group or individual feedback
    • Executive summary including aggregate data

    We also offer customized health screenings that include services such as bone density tests and PSA examinations.

  • Immunization Events

    Flu shots and other immunizations, as well as TB skin tests, are another vital part of the team’s offerings. Employers may contact the team at anytime of the year to schedule these events, which may be conducted at drive-in or onsite clinics. 

COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Services 

Vaccination against COVID-19 is critical to the health and well-being of our communities. To help reduce barriers to vaccination and make it simple for employers to offer vaccines to their employees, we offer COVID-19 vaccination services.

We have also developed asymptomatic COVID-19 testing to help employers identify asymptomatic employees and enable important professional activities and vital business gatherings to move forward with this additional safety measure in place.