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Corporate Health and Wellness

Comprehensive Wellness Services, Customized for Your Organization

Vanderbilt Corporate Health and Wellness is your one-stop shop for building a healthy team. These healthier employees lead to lower health care costs and increased productivity, resulting in a healthier bottom line.

The team offers onsite vaccines, testing and biometric health screenings; individual health coaching; expert presentations at workplace health fairs and lunch-and-learns; and more.

To learn more about these wide-ranging services, read more below and download the toolkit in the box at right. Call us today to get started on a path to better health for your workforce.

We help you build a culture of health that’s good for everyone.

Contact Us

Reach out for help in planning your onsite health screening, immunization event and more: 
Phone: (615) 421–0112



Our team of nurses and other health care professionals provides a range of services, including:

  • Biometric screenings
  • Vaccinations and immunizations
  • Health fairs, including resources from the Vanderbilt Health System and the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network
  • Lunch-and-learn events covering the latest health and wellness topics and encouraging healthy habits
  • Individual health coaching for employees, especially for conditions identified through biometric screenings
  • Specialized health coaching through the Vanderbilt Nicotine Treatment Program
  • A technology platform for employers with helpful online tools such as one-click, on-demand aggregate health data reports to better identify and manage lifestyle risks and signs of pre-disease

Learn more about these services in the links below.

Employer Solutions Helps Build a Culture of Health

The Corporate Health and Wellness team offers convenient care to elevate the health of your workforce.

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