Adult Speech and Language Services

Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center offers comprehensive Speech and Language Services for adults after illness or injury. We diagnose and treat speech, language, cognitive, stuttering and swallowing disorders. These may result from injuries or illness, including brain injury, stroke, cancers or diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). 

Adult Speech and Language: Why Choose Vanderbilt

  • A leader in speech pathology: U.S. News & World Report ranks Vanderbilt University Speech Pathology graduate program as #1 in the country. Our team of speech-language pathologists works together to create a personalized plan for you. 
  • Experienced team: More than 15 speech-language pathologists are here to take care of your speech and language needs. Each has post-graduate training in their areas of specialization ensuring that you are taken care of by the best. 
  • Comprehensive services: Our wide range of services include speech evaluations; alternative communication; feeding and swallowing treatments; and therapies for stuttering.

Adult Speech and Language: Services We Offer

  • Augmentative and alternative communication training, including adaptive computerized communication
  • Stuttering program, including one of only a few Toastmasters clubs in the world for adults who stutter

Adult Speech and Language: Conditions We Treat

  • Aphasia
  • Cognitive dysfunction
  • Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)
  • Post-operative laryngectomy 
  • Stuttering and fluency disorders
  • Swallowing disorders

Adult Speech and Language: Tests We Offer

  • Clinical bedside swallow assessment
  • Clinical swallow assessment
  • Cognitive/communication evaluation 
  • Flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES)
  • Modified barium swallow studies (MBS)
  • Post-operative laryngectomy evaluation 
  • Speaking valve evaluation 
  • Speech/language evaluation 
  • Videofluoroscopic swallow studies (VFSS)

Adult Speech and Language: Treatments

  • Speaking valve 
  • Speech/language therapy
  • Swallow therapy

Adult Speech and Language: Locations

Vanderbilt Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Center
Medical Center East – South Tower, 9thFloor
1215 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37232
(615) 936-5000
Map and Directions

Adult Speech and Language Care Team

Our specialists are trained and certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and may have additional certifications or training. All care is overseen or provided by team members licensed by Tennessee Department of Health. 

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