Physical Therapy

Physical therapists at Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Institute (PBPRI) are trained to evaluate, diagnose and treat problems you have with physical movement after a neurological illness or event.  These physical problems may include decreased mobility, problems with balance or dizziness. 

The long term goal of physical therapy is your safety and independence.  The physical therapists at PBPRI will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your abilities.  After their assessment, they will develop an individual treatment plan for you. 

The physical therapist may check to see if you:

  • Need a cane or walker
  • Have problems with balance and coordination
  • Are dizzy or have vertigo
  • Have problems walking
  • Are at risk of a fall
  • Have an inner ear balance disorder
  • Have normal muscle strength and range of motion
  • Have a loss of sensation in part of your body
  • Need a custom seat
  • Have facial weakness
  • Have lost any motor control
  • Are independent and safe in your daily tasks


“Obviously I had no idea what to expect when entering Pi Beta Phi Rehab. My previous experiences with physical therapy had been for orthopedic issues, nothing as serious as a brain surgery. I was a 36-year-old recreational marathon runner who had finished 13 marathons and 14 half marathons who was wearing a boot and using a walker to get around. I was nervous, scared and very unsure of my future as a runner. Everyone was kind and caring from the moment I entered, which was so helpful and comforting. When I first met Lisa Haack, she asked what my goals were for rehab, and I said get back to doing all the things I enjoy. I also told her that I was planning on running the New York City marathon in seven months. She never discouraged this goal. Lisa mapped a plan to help me get back to running. I ran my first mile with Lisa about six weeks after brain surgery and finished the NYC marathon on November 7, 2010. Without Lisa’s knowledge, skills and encouragement throughout the rehab process, I’m not sure the marathon would have been a success. I would recommend Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Institute to anyone who experiences a brain injury. “ --Tracey McClain