VARP for Children

Children who are diagnosed with nodules or polyps may be referred to the Voice Abuse Reduction Program (VARP) at Vanderbilt.

Nodules and polyps in children are often caused when they use their voice too much, too loud or too often. Voice abuse, overuse and misuse can cause vocal lesions to develop. If these lesions are not treated, they will become tougher and the vocal changes will be more permanent. This will cause the voice to be hoarser.

The goal of the VARP program is to pinpoint vocal abuse behaviors. Once they are identified it is important to reduce them in situations where they recur frequently. Reducing or eliminating vocal nodules, polyps, contact ulcers or other forms of laryngeal pathology are directly related to reducing vocal abuse, misuse and overuse.

The VARP program tracks data on their success rate. Their results have been very high (more than 95 percent). Currently, there are three speech-language pathologists at the Voice Center experienced with the VARP program. Please contact the Vanderbilt Voice Center at (615)343-7464 for questions or an appointment.