Professional Communication Enhancement

One of the amazing things about human communication is that we can change the way we speak for specific situations. We usually speak more carefully and precisely when we talk to our supervisors or other authority figures. When we’re chatting with friends, we speak more casually. If we need to speak to many types of people in our work and personal lives, then we must be flexible in the way we talk.

You may not have a voice or speech disorder, but we may be able to help with your specific speaking needs.

  • Speaking in front of a group
  • Speaking loud enough to be heard at the back of a room
  • Leading a group discussion
  • Building confidence in communicating in various situations

Our communication enhancement program can help you. You will work with a speech-language pathologist to identify the challenges you face in being a better communicator. You will use a variety of techniques to:

  • Develop skills to communicate clearly
  • Speak with authority
  • Create a good impression when speaking to an audience

We give you methods to improve your voice, your speech and your non-verbal communication. Our goal is to help you achieve your career goals.