Singing Voice Intervention

Singing voice therapy is designed to:

  • Give the singer guidelines that will help them reduce the possibilities of injury.
  • Assist in the reduction of vocal fold lesions so that singers can postpone or preclude surgery
  • Assist the singer who is actively performing to make it through the difficult times with a healthier approach to their singing, without changing the style of their voice
  • Assist the singer in the rehabilitation of the voice after surgery

The singing voice specialists at Vanderbilt have extensive training and experience in singing voice production. As performers themselves, they understand the rigorous schedule, the vocal demands, the pressures, and the anxieties of singers. In addition, their training in vocal physiology, the acoustics of voice production, to behavioral management of vocal folds lesions, is coupled with their experience in teaching methods that enhance learning ability and emphasize putting the concepts and techniques introduced in the therapeutic setting into practice They are specialists at tailoring concepts and exercises that optimize your understanding and practice.

Our goal at Vanderbilt is to get you back to singing as quickly as possible.

The Professional Voice