Life After the Trauma Center

As every trauma patient and every incident is different, so is the recommended care plan to ensure a full recovery. After you are fully evaluated by your Trauma Team, they will communicate to you the next steps to recovery after your hospital stay. Your social worker, case manager and insurance counselor will assist you in identifying the appropriate resources available to implement your care plan.

The decision about the best care for you after you leave the hospital is based on:

  • Your attending doctor's recommendation
  • Your insurance coverage or your ability to pay
  • The kind of care you can depend on at home
  • Your progress towards recovery

Getting Approvals

When your post care requires additional therapies at a physical therapy center, nursing home, or other rehabilitation facility, you will be assisted in determining which facility offers the services that you need and that there is an available opening for you. Prior to your move taking place, approval must be obtained by the insurance company. If the insurance company will not cover the additional rehabilitation, other payment arrangements must be made.

Types of Rehabilitation

Medication Assistance

View resources to help you with the cost of medications.

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