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Burn Center - Camp Hope

Camp Hope is a nonprofit organization that offers a free week of physical and emotional healing for children between the ages of 6 and 16 who have suffered burn injuries. At Camp Hope, we help children enjoy some of their favorite summer activities with others who have similar experiences and challenges.

Camp Hope 2022

The 2022 session of Camp Hope is scheduled for July 20-23, 2022. 
The deadline for applications is May 1, 2022.

For more information, contact: 

Brittni Davis BSN, RN 
(615) 349-5645

Vanderbilt Burn Center
1211 21st Ave. S.
332 Medical Arts Building
Nashville, TN 37232

Camp location

Camp Hope
William P. Ridley 4-H Center
850 Lion Parkway
Columbia, TN 38401
(615) 349-5645

Information for Campers

  • Every summer, we have a blend of new and experienced campers.
  • Campers stay in modern, air-conditioned cabins with twin beds and a community bathroom and shower.
  • Each room sleeps six to eight campers, with one counselor for every two campers. Counselors stay in the same cabin as the campers.
  • Campers should bring their own bedding, clothing, towels and other gear.
  • Activities include swimming, crafts, nature hikes, games, team-building exercises and burn/fire education.
  • Campers will have scheduled periods of free time throughout the day, usually before and after meals.
  • No cell phones allowed. We believe cell phones distract from camp activities and interfere with bonds between campers.

Information for Parents

Can I visit my child during camp?

We don’t encourage visits by families during camp, but your family is invited to join us at camp on the last Saturday for Family Safety Day, which will include special activities and lunch. You can also bring siblings to this event. Please RSVP with the number of your group to (615) 349-5645.

How can I contact my child during camp?

You may talk with the camp staff at any time to check in and see how your camper is adjusting to camp. To reach the camp staff during camp, you can call (615) 349-5645.

Will my child need money at camp?

No, all activities are free.

Is there transportation to or from camp for my child?

If you contact the camp staff we can try to arrange transportation to camp. Please let us know if you need help with this when you submit your camper application. We don’t provide transportation from camp to your home, so please make arrangements to pick up your child on the last day.

Who will supervise activities?

Our volunteers are medical staff, burn survivors and volunteers from the community. All counselors are older than 18 and have passed a background check. All staff receive training prior to camp to provide positive reinforcement and role modeling, as well as encouragement of a sense of fair play. We also ask that parents or guardians sign a Camper Code of Conduct prior to the child attending camp.

If my child is not enjoying camp, is homesick or is not adjusting to the experience, can he/she come home?

Yes, but every effort will be made to encourage the child to remain at camp. Parents will be consulted before we recommend that a child go home. Don't feel guilty about encouraging your child to stay at camp. For many children, camp is a first step toward independence and plays an important role in their growth and development.

Other tips for parents

Encourage your child's independence throughout the year. Practice separations, such as sleepovers at a friend's house, that can simulate the camp experience.

  • Please don't tell you child you will "rescue" him/her from camp if he/she doesn't like it.
  • Discuss what camp will be like before your child arrives, acknowledging his/her feelings.
  • Allow your child to pack a favorite stuffed animal or picture so that your child will have a reminder of home.
  • Send a letter to your child before camp begins so he/she will have a letter waiting at his/her arrival. Address mail to:

William P. Ridley 4-H Center
850 Lion Parkway
Columbia, TN 38401
Attn: Camp Hope/Your Camper's Name

Get Involved

Help us help children recovering from devastating injuries caused by burns. There are many ways to support Camp Hope.

Learn More about Camp Hope

For more information about Camp Hope, contact:

Brittni Davis BSN, RN, Camp Hope Director 
(615) 349-5645

or write to:

Vanderbilt Burn Center
1211 21st Ave. S.
332 Medical Arts Building
Nashville, TN 37232