Research Breakthroughs

You receive the best medical care available when you are treated at Vanderbilt Medical Center. Our focus on research allows us to provide you with the latest life saving techniques and technology. Your participation in this research is key to improving care not only at Vanderbilt, but at institutions around the world.

How does this affect you?
Research done at Vanderbilt Medical Center can affect you in several ways. On one hand, you maybe a recipient of a life-saving treatment or procedure that was performed in the research phase on another patient.

On the other hand, you may be asked by your health care provider to take part in testing a new drug or procedure. At Vanderbilt Medical Center, providing our patients with the best possible care is our primary focus. The following is the procedure in which a patient enrolls in a research study:

  • If you qualify for a specific research study currently in progress and your attending physician agrees that you are a viable candidate for this treatment, a research nurse will then contact you.
  • The nurse will explain in detail the benefits and risk to participating in the clinical trial. She will also explain all of the procedures a participating patient will receive.