Lung Transplant

Vanderbilt Lung Transplant Program

The Lung Transplant Program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center is one of the oldest in the country. As of January 1, 2016, we have performed more than 400 lung transplants and 20 combined heart/lung transplants. The Vanderbilt Lung Transplant Program is a Medicare-designated program for lung transplantation and is currently the only lung transplant program in Tennessee. Our patients come from Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, and West Virginia. Click here to learn more about what makes us special.

Double lung transplant gives woman hope for a "happy, blessed life"

Mary Kathryn Osborn's life was controlled by her cystic fibrosis. Though she'd always tried to stay active, by the time she was in her early 20s the disease was preventing her from finishing school and holding a full-time job. Her health even affected her wedding date. A double lung transplant gave Osborn her breath again, and much more. Read her story here.

Our Expertise in Practice: Dual-Organ Transplants

Patients with multi-system organ dysfunction may be candidates for a dual-organ transplantation. Despite the challenges, our team has performed heart-kidney, heart-liver and heart-lung dual-organ transplants. Learn more about what makes Vanderbilt Transplant unique.

Lung Transplant Program: Locations

Vanderbilt Lung Transplant Program Franklin
2105 Edward Curd Lane, 3rd Floor
Franklin, TN 37067
(615) 936-0393
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Vanderbilt Lung Transplant Program
The Vanderbilt Clinic
1301 Medical Center Drive, B817
Nashville, TN 37232
(615) 936-0393
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