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MyOrthoHealth - Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis

With the MyOrthoHealth – Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis Bundle, we help you find the most appropriate course of treatment for your joint pain. In many cases, this means avoiding costly and time-consuming surgery. A personalized plan involving physical therapy and other complementary treatments can produce quality results. For some patients, surgery will be the best course of action.

MyOrthoHealth: An Employer-Sponsored Health Benefit

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What’s Included

  • Concierge support from a dedicated patient navigator
  • Telehealth options for check-ins and follow-ups
  • Personalized treatment plan, including therapies to explore whether a non-surgical approach will achieve desired results 

If surgery is determined to be the most appropriate course of treatment, the bundle includes all services as described in the MyOrthoHealth - Hip & Knee Surgery Bundle.

Eligibility and Enrollment​​​​​​​

Begin by checking your eligibility for the bundle in the Chat box below. 

If you are eligible to participate in the MyOrthoHealth – Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis Bundle, you must speak with one of our patient navigators to enroll in the program. Eligibility and enrollment requirements vary by employer, and our patient navigators can walk you through the process and help schedule your first appointment.

Start a conversation in the Chat box below, schedule an appointment at this link, or call (615) 936–BNDL (2635) for more information.

How It Works

  • Once you are confirmed eligible for the bundle, the patient navigator schedules you for an ortho consult to confirm that osteoarthritis of your hip or knee is the correct diagnosis. 
  • If you are starting with a non-surgical pathway, we will conduct basic imaging and establish a personalized treatment plan, including therapies to explore whether a non-surgical approach will achieve desired results.
  • Typically, after six weeks we evaluate your progress to determine whether to continue with therapy. If symptoms have improved, we resume with the treatment plan and re-evaluate progress as directed by your provider.
  • We will continue to optimize all options of conservative therapy. If conservative therapy is not producing desired results, we will consider advanced imaging and if appropriate a surgical consult. If it is determined clinically that surgery is the best next step for you, you will proceed with the experience described in the Hip & Knee Surgery Bundle.


Bundle coverage begins upon the initial orthopaedic/sports medicine office visit and lasts for 12 months, with an opportunity to re-enroll each year if clinically appropriate. If at any time during the bundle a total joint replacement of the affected joint is performed, bundle coverage would end 12 weeks after the joint replacement procedure.