Mindfulness for Stress Reduction


Take charge of your anxiety, illness or other everyday challenges with Mindfulness for Stress Reduction. Learn how from experts at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt.

Backed by scientific research, guided practices and exercises such as meditation and yoga help you to pay closer attention to your thoughts, body and emotions, and to relax more deeply. This course includes one orientation class, eight weekly classes and one daylong retreat (on a Saturday).

While not covered by insurance, the cost of this course may be reimbursed through your health savings account or flexible spending account.

Conditions We Address

Care Team

Mindfulness teachers at the Osher Center receive special training and mentoring. Teachers include:

Michelle Foote-Pearce

Michelle Foote-PearceDMin, MSN, MA, LPC-MHSP, RN

    Director of Mindfulness Programs and Outreach

Why Choose Mindfulness for Stress Reduction Courses at Vanderbilt

  • Knowledge and experience

    Our specialists are trained in mindfulness-based instruction, making them uniquely qualified to care for you.

  • Comprehensive care

    Mindfulness works alongside your traditional medical care. It strives to improve your total well-being — mind, body and spirit. Together, traditional and complementary treatments can help you better manage your overall health and enjoy a better quality of life.

Course Elements

  • Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation
  • Gentle stretching and mindful yoga
  • Group discussions about enhancing your awareness
  • Daily assignments using a home practice manual and recordings
  • Saturday retreat, including seated and walking meditations, guided yoga, lovingkindness meditation and mindful eating

Register online or call (615) 343-1554.

Mindfulness Courses


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We accept payment by cash, check or credit card.

Cancellation and refund policy

You get a full refund if you cancel at least two weeks before your program begins. If you cancel less than two weeks before, you get a refund minus a 20% cancellation fee. If you cancel on the day of the program or after the program begins, no refund is available.

For Referring Physicians

No referral is necessary for this service.