Restricted Visitor Policy

To protect our patients, staff, and community, we have implemented further restrictions on visitation in our hospitals, emergency departments and outpatient clinics.

Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time. Be assured that our patients are getting exceptional care from our outstanding physicians, nurses, and staff in a way that protects their safety and that of others. 

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Our 24/7 Crisis Assessment
and Admissions Program

We're Here When You Need Us

Vanderbilt Behavioral Health offers highly specialized and personalized care for children, teens and adults. We provide a range of outpatient and inpatient services. Vanderbilt Behavioral Health is the only provider of inpatient mental health services for children in Middle Tennessee.

We offer programs to help patients with many challenges: anxiety, depression, emotional distress, a mood or personality disorder, or other mental health issues.

A Leader in Inpatient Mental Health Services

Vanderbilt Behavioral Health is the only provider of inpatient mental health services for children in Middle Tennessee. You can be certain your child will receive the best possible care from our expert inpatient team, which includes board-certified child psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, nutritionists and mental health specialists.

For teens and adults, we offer options for inpatient treatment and partial hospitalization.

A Safe Place for Patients and Families

We provide a safe place where patients and their families can be comfortable, supported, and treated with compassion and dignity. For those in our inpatient programs, we offer extended visiting hours to ensure family members can visit each day of hospitalization.

We encourage patients families to join in treatment to support their success. We provide aftercare plans for families to continue helping patients after they leave our inpatient programs.

Our Patient and Family Advisory Council, including former patients, family members and community advocates, informs our policies and practices, helping to assure the most patient-and-family centered approach.

Adult Care for Addictions, Mood Disorders and Psychotic Disorders

If you are coping with an addiction, mood disorder or psychiatric disorder, we offer inpatient and outpatient programs to help you get well.

  • Addiction. Our specialized 12-step approach focuses on detoxifying and moving toward recovery.
  • Mood disorders and psychotic disorders. Based on your unique needs, treatment may include medicine-based therapy, psychology, group therapy, skill-building and self-management classes, creative activities, nutritional counseling and fitness.

Our team includes specialists in caring for bipolar disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, personality disorders, phobias, schizophrenia and sleep disorders, among other conditions.

Mental Health Assessment for Physicians, Executives and Other Professionals

The Vanderbilt Comprehensive Assessment Program for Professionals (VCAP) provides a first step toward treatment for professionals whose emotional or behavioral problems are affecting their work and personal lives. Upon referral, our VCAP team evaluates an individual's job-related concerns such as addiction, career burnout, disruptive conduct and stress, providing them with a comprehensive treatment plan.

24/7 Access and Admissions

Our 24/7 Access and Admissions service provides immediate assistance by specially trained mental health professionals and access to a psychiatrist around the clock.

Inpatient/Outpatient Treatment

Our new ECT/TMS suite allows us to provide these services for inpatients and outpatients under the same roof. We have expanded our visiting hours for patients in the hospital so that family members can visit each day during hospitalization.

Multiple Treatment Options

It is our goal to provide a wide range of patient and family-centered programs, in a safe place where patients and their families feel comfortable and supported. Our treatment programs may also include the following services: