Salivary Cortisol Samples


Diagnosis Cushings syndrome

No food or fluids for at least 60 minutes prior to the collection of each sample. Do not brush your teeth before collection.

1. Collect the sample between 11 PM and midnight.
2. Tip the gauze plug out of the plastic container into your mouth without touching the gauze with your hands.
3. Chew on the gauze plug until it is saturated with saliva.
4. Return the gauze plug to the plastic container without touching the gauze with your hand and tightly cap the plastic container.
5. Write your name, date, time of collection on the side of the tube.
6. Fill out the paperwork with your name, personal and insurance information.    
7. Place saliva container(s) and paperwork in mailer, seal, and mail.   

Cortisol levels decline over the day and are low late at night.