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Stephen Nelson, RN, BSN

Stephen Nelson, RNNurse Case Manager, Department of Case Management
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Stephen Nelson helps you find the care you need after you leave the hospital. He received a bachelors of science in nursing from Cumberland University. As a registered nurse, he understands the kind of care you will need. As a case manager, Stephen knows what organizations in the community offer that care and he will work with you, your family and your insurance company to find the best plan of care for you. As an advocate for patients, he is passionate about improving your comfort and quality of life. With more than 20 years of nursing experience, he has cared for critically ill surgery patients as well as adults and children with burn and trauma injuries.

To assure the highest quality care, he works with the medical team to make sure your individualized medical treatment plans are based on the best scientific research and most recent patient care practices.