Medical Fitness

Vanderbilt Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy offers a range of medical fitness services to help you prepare for or recover from a medical procedure.

Our certified exercise specialists and personal trainers collaborate with physical therapists, occupational therapists, certified athletic trainers and orthopedic doctors to personalize your fitness plan, so you can get back to your healthy, active life.

Semi-independent Services

  • Concurrent access. While you are in outpatient therapy, we can give you access to the Vanderbilt Orthopaedic Fitness Center for 30 days to supplement your therapy sessions.
  • Transition program. If you are transitioning from supervised exercise therapy to independent exercise therapy, our team can offer you access to the Vanderbilt Orthopaedic Fitness Center for 90 days. It also includes five one-on-one sessions with our staff.
  • Six-month physician referral access. If your orthopedic condition requires continued use of the Vanderbilt Orthopaedic Fitness Center, your doctor can write a referral for six months of independent exercise.

Orthopaedic Specialty Services

  • Sport and Orthopedic Advanced Reconditioning (SOAR). Our team offers a one-on-one exercise plan to help you safely return to a sports activity. Or, simply for more skilled guidance due to an orthopedic condition.
  • Better Bones. We offer this educational service to help you exercise safely when you experience a decrease in bone density condition such as osteoporosis.
  • Core and Spine Exercise (CaSE). If you have spine or back issues, our team can help you focus on improving your core strength and stability.
  • Prosthetic Enablement. This is a collection of services to enhance your recovery following limb loss, optimize your readiness for a prosthetic device and enables your independence after prosthetic fitting.
  • Assess and Exercise Prescription. Our team utilizes a personalized movement screen to determine your needs and provide you with an individualized exercise routine.
  • Assess and Exercise Prescription (Golf Focus). We utilize a golf-specific screen to identify the physical limitations impacting your swing and provide you with a tailored exercise routine.
  • Comprehensive Assessment and Performance Screen (CAPS). Our team utilizes a comprehensive functional/movement-based screen to identify compensation patterns. These patterns can impact your performance and increase injury risk, especially with high volume, repetitive activities.
  • Guided exercise. We offer individual sessions designed to provide you with expanded instruction on a home exercise routine or return-to-play progression.

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