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MyHealth Snapshot

As a patient at Vanderbilt Health, we may ask you to fill out a Patient-Reported Outcome Measure (PROM). This is a type of health survey that measures the symptoms you have and your quality of life. This information is part of our new MyHealth Snapshot program and will help your care team learn more about you and how you feel.

What are PROMs, and how do they relate to the MyHealth Snapshot Program?

PROMs are health surveys that help your providers know how you feel about your condition and treatment. These surveys are a way for you to share your experiences as a patient, such as: 

  • how much pain you have
  • how well you can move and get around
  • how well you can do your daily tasks

MyHealth Snapshot is how we make these health surveys part of our clinical practice at Vanderbilt Health. Your answers help us give you the best care we can.

How will MyHealth Snapshot help me and my provider?

The core value of the MyHealth Snapshot program is to measure the outcomes that matter to patients. Outcomes are real-life treatment results—such as, does the medicine you’re taking make you feel better? Or is physical therapy helping your pain? This is different from test or lab results.

The answers you share with us through health surveys will be made available to you and your provider during the course of your care. Your replies will help your providers see trends in your symptoms and help them treat you over time. In short, what we learn from your health surveys will help us create the best personalized care plan for you.

How often will I need to fill out these health surveys?

This will depend on your condition and where you get care. MyHealth Snapshot lets providers customize these surveys for their patients. This means the surveys you fill out will be the ones that best align with you and your provider’s care goals.

How do I fill out these health surveys?

Before an upcoming visit, you may get a message through My Health at Vanderbilt (the patient portal) asking you to fill out some surveys. You can use your My Health account on a computer or mobile device to fill these out. If you do not use My Health or do not have time to fill out one of the surveys, we may ask you to complete one when you check in at your visit. Most of the surveys take just a few minutes to do.

If you haven't used My Health at Vanderbilt yet, activate your free account today.

How can I see my answers to a health survey?

Contact your provider’s office for a copy of your answers.