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Mama Lere - Staff

Parent-Infant Group

  • Sarah, Baker, Speech and Language Pathologist

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Toddler Program

  • Geneine Snell, Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Adri Valtierra, Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Hailey Gilbert, Teacher of the Deaf II

NCCD Speech-Language Pathologists

  • Genuine Snell, Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Sarah Baker, Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Ciara Hotchkiss, Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Caroline Lackey, Speech and Language Pathologist

Occupational Therapy

  • Rebecca Jones, Occupational Therapist

Educational Audiology

  • Briana Hester, Audiologist 
  • Stephanie Yaras, Audiologist 
  • Diana Kloiber, Audiologist 
  • Paula Webber, Hearing and Speech Technician 

Instructional Outreach

  • Susan Marko, Teacher of the Deaf II/Speech Language Pathologist II
  • Kendal Hill, Teacher of the Deaf II

Social Worker

  • Elizabeth Robinson

Instructional Staff

  • Amanda White, Teacher of the Deaf III
  • Grace Arnold, Teacher of the Deaf III
  • Leena Varma, Teach of the Deaf IV
  • Kim Koster, Teacher of the Deaf II
  • Samantha Schraven, Teacher of the Deaf III

Hearing and Speech Technicians

  • Vanessa Quarles
  • Cynthia Henning
  • Elaine Chovanec
  • Jereny Potter
  • Anissa Johnson

Administrative Staff

  • Marcus Hayes, MED, Director of Preschool programs
  • Lisa Henderson, Senior Administrative Assistant