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Mama Lere - Research and Recruiting

Help Shape the Future: Get Involved with Research

Through the Research Division, there will be times families will be asked to participate in research to advance the knowledge skill set for audiologists, speech-language pathologists, teachers, and other professionals who work in the field of deafness and child development.  For each research project, families will be provided with information about the project and will be allowed an opportunity to ask questions.  Families will need to complete a consent form to participate in the research conducted at the Center.  The informed consent would include the following information:

  • Nature and purpose of the project
  • Contact information on the investigators/researchers
  • Duration and time commitment of the project
  • Risks associated with the project
  • How the research will be used
  • Family rights

At any time a family may withdraw from a research project without any discrimination for continuation of services at the NCCDFC.

Please submit the completed form to Marcus Hayes, Director of Preschool Programs at