Visiting a Patient at the Burn Center

Restricted Visitor Policy

To protect our patients, staff, and community, we have implemented further restrictions on visitation in our hospitals, emergency departments and outpatient clinics.

Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time. Be assured that our patients are getting exceptional care from our outstanding physicians, nurses, and staff in a way that protects their safety and that of others. 

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Intensive Care Patient Visitation

Please check in with the front desk before visiting Intensive Care patients. Visitation is limited to immediate family and clergy. Children must be 14 older to visit. Two people may visit at a time; if other family members wish to visit, you may divide the time among them. You may be asked to delay visitation if patient needs arise.

You may notice that there is a lot of equipment in each patients room. The nurse or doctor will be glad to explain what each machine does.

Preventing infection is a major concern for all of our patients, especially our ICU burn patients. To protect patients, everyone who enters a patient care room must wear the gowns and gloves provided. The gowns and gloves must be thrown away in the red trash bags inside the patients room before leaving the room. Please do not enter the room without a gown and gloves or leave the room with the gown and gloves on. A nurse or other staff member will be glad to show you how to properly use them.

Step-down/Rehab Patient Visitation

Visitors are limited to two at a time. We may ask you to leave the room during dressing changes or other procedures. One family member (at least 18 years old) may stay overnight at the patient's request. Children are welcome to visit after proper screening and under adult supervision.

While You're Visiting

Visitor Waiting Room

A visitor waiting room is located in front of the elevators on the 11th floor. Visitors who are spending the night are welcome to take advantage of the Quiet Room located in the Burn Center.  

Phone calls

Phones are in the visitors waiting room in front of the elevators on the 11th floor. Dial 9 for an outside line for local calls. Dial 0 to reach a Vanderbilt operator to place all other calls.

Please limit phone calls to the intensive care unit. We ask that one family member be the spokesperson for the patient, keeping family and friends informed of the patients progress. No information will be given over the phone to anyone except immediate family. The phone number in the lounge is (615) 343-5884.

If your family member is not in the intensive care unit, you may dial his or her room directly. Ask the nurse or other staff member for the direct number.

No Smoking

For the safety of our patients and visitors, Vanderbilt University Medical Center is smoke-free.