Sinus Relief

Chronic sinusitis is an inflammatory disease that blocks your nasal cavity, causing swelling. When this happens, drainage problems can develop and lead to mucus buildup. Chronic sinusitis can also cause breathing difficulties, headaches and swelling in the face.

Our specialists provide comprehensive sinus care including testing, diagnosis, educating you on care options and treatment often in just one visit.

Sinus Symptoms, Testing and Treatment

If you have trouble breathing or feel constant pressure in your nose, you may have a chronic sinus problem that needs treatment. Our specialists can use a nasal endoscopy test to look into your nasal cavity and determine the exact cause of your problem. After diagnosis, we can perform minor procedures in our office to help you avoid a trip to the hospital.

In this short video, Dr. Justin Turner explains how to find out if you have sinus problems.


Effective treatment goes beyond prescribing medication. Sinus problems can affect each patient differently, so our specialists take time to explain which methods of sinus management work best for you.

Benefits of Treatment

With well-controlled sinuses, you should be able to breathe clearly without blockage or drainage issues. You should not experience swelling around the nose or feel pressure and pain around the face.

Is Sinus Treatment Right for Me?

We recommend scheduling an appointment if you feel you may have a chronic sinus problem. Many people suffer through sinus problems without realizing help is available.