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Vaccination and Immunization Services for Employers


Vaccinations and immunizations can prevent illness and save lives. But there are other benefits of offering flu, COVID-19 and other immunizations to your employees. Absenteeism and presenteeism (being at work but sick) due to flu accounts for approximately 17 million lost workdays per year, while immunizations can save employers as much as $83 per employee.

Vanderbilt Health Employer Solutions makes it more convenient for your team to receive immunizations and tests at your workplace. Employers can contact us any time of year to schedule these events, which may be conducted at drive-in or onsite clinics.

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Phone: (615) 421–0112


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What We Offer

Services include:

Flu vaccine (regular and high dose)
COVID-19 vaccine and other services related to COVID
Hepatitis A and B
TB skin tests