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MyUrologyHealth for Employers

Redefining Kidney Stone Treatment — Now and for the Long-Term

Treatment of kidney stones creates a significant economic burden on employers, with annual costs exceeding $5 billion in direct treatment expenses and lost worker productivity. One study found that about one-third of employees treated for kidney stones miss work due to the condition, with an average work loss of 19 hours per person. This condition is of particular concern to employers with large footprints in the Southeast, the U.S. region with the highest rate of kidney stones.

In a traditional fee-for-service model, kidney stones are a highly unpredictable expense. Depending on a patient’s experience, kidney stones can lead to emergency department visits and multiple procedures, with treatment costs ranging widely depending on the case.

And, since there is a lack of emphasis on preventive care, recurrence is another issue. Patients who experience one kidney stone are at a risk of a subsequent stone event, which occurs in as many as 50% of patients within five years. Yet, most patients do not receive kidney stone prevention services as part of their treatment protocols. With multiple studies showing how prevention reduces cost in the long term, not addressing such care is a missed opportunity.

A Better Way

The MyUrologyHealth: Kidney Stone Treatment bundle—designed for patients interested in kidney stone removal—delivers a better care experience at lower, more predictable costs. Our innovative approach combines Vanderbilt’s world-class medicine, advanced services and technology, excellence in patient care, and emphasis on prevention to ensure better outcomes and happier, healthier employees.

Exceptional care. Better experience. Lower costs.

With the MyUrologyHealth — Kidney Stone Treatment bundle, you benefit from:

Comprehensive Care – Our bundle takes a broad approach to kidney stone removal, including all the services needed to successfully treat kidney stones and prevent them from coming back. Following a successful treatment journey, we work with your employees to create a personalized prevention plan. These preventive efforts include nutrition consultation with a dietitian, comprehensive metabolic testing, 24-hour urine testing and identification of affordable long-term medications.

Predictable Costs – For employees, there are no out-of-pocket costs for the bundle. For employers, we reduce costs and create more predictability by assuming financial risk for a condition that can produce extremely high variability in cost of care.

Appropriate Support – Vanderbilt personalizes the management of kidney stones, encouraging their natural passage when appropriate. Compared with other provider organizations, we conduct fewer unwarranted procedures for kidney stones. And, because the bundle removes the financial burden from patients, they don’t have to worry about the cost of imaging or other recommended treatment activities.

Concierge treatment  From scheduling the initial office visit through recovery, our patient navigators will help your employees manage their care at every step of the process.

How It Works

  • An interested candidate* speaks with one of our patient navigators, who confirms eligibility, explains the process and collects required information. Eligible prospective patients include those told by a medical provider in the last six months that they will need a stone removal procedure and those with previous diagnosis of kidney stones interested in discussing treatment options.
  • Once eligibility has been confirmed, the patient will be scheduled for an initial visit with the MyUrologyHealth team. If the patient has not had imaging completed within the previous six months, new imaging will be ordered prior to the appointment.
  • Patients who do not pass their kidney stones naturally will undergo the appropriate surgical procedure as identified by their care team.
  • The care team will arrange the patient’s post-operative check-ins to ensure they are on the road to recovery.
  • For patients who undergo a surgical procedure, we also administer metabolic testing, which includes a 24-hour urine test. 
  • Whether patients have surgery or pass their stone naturally, the bundle includes a nutrition consultation with a dietitian to prevent future kidney stones.
  • The bundle ends six months after the first procedure. In some cases, it may take multiple procedures to fully resolve the episode. For a patient whose episode is managed without surgery, the bundle ends 100 days after enrollment, and all related services will be covered. In the future, if a patient develops additional kidney stones that need treatment, the patient would need to begin a new bundle process.

Why Vanderbilt?

  • Advanced treatment. Consistently ranked among the best in the country, Vanderbilt Urology provides the latest, most comprehensive care for a wide range of urological diseases and conditions. Our specialists combine advanced surgical techniques, research and technology with collaborative care to tailor a treatment plan to each patient. The team has published numerous articles on their surgical techniques and recovery protocols to inform and enhance clinical practices nationwide.
  • Comprehensive care. Access to the innovative, state-of-the-art Vanderbilt Stone Center is another unique offering of the Kidney Stone Treatment bundle. At the center, Vanderbilt’s team of specialists, including urologists and nephrologists, provide comprehensive, quick relief of kidney stones with thorough evaluation and advanced treatment for cases ranging from the simple and straightforward to the acute and complex. For urgent cases, we offer same-day or next-day services.
  • Convenience. Our specialists at the Vanderbilt Stone Center offer medical and support services for kidney stone treatment in one convenient location. With centralized services, patients can save time and devote more energy to healing. We also have various Vanderbilt Urology clinic locations throughout the greater Nashville area to help patients to find care close to home.
  • Concierge service. Our patient navigators help guide patients through their care plan. They can schedule appointments and coordinate care among all the specialists involved in treatment.
  • Latest technology. Our doctors use the latest tools and equipment to provide accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plans. We offer a range of treatment options, including thulium and holmium laser lithotripsy with ureteroscopy, shockwave lithotripsy, and percutaneous nephrolithotomy. We also offer the newest minimally invasive endoscopic treatment options, including mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy, to promote faster recovery times.

Let's Get Started

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If you're a patient, please visit our MyHealth Bundles patient page and schedule time with one of our patient navigators.

If you're an employer, email us at or call our sales team at (615) 421–0112 to learn more about how bundles work, our approach and the benefits of a direct partnership with Vanderbilt Health. 

If you're a provider and need more information about a bundles patient, please contact our patient navigators at or call (615) 936–BNDL (2635).