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MySpineHealth for Employers

Taking Pain Out of the Process: Spine Surgery Reimagined

The variability in spine care across the United States is significant. Not all surgeries are necessary. And for those procedures that are medically appropriate, the process can be costly and time-intensive with a wide range of potential outcomes after surgery. Employers are feeling the burden of these inconsistencies, both through increased medical costs and lost productivity. 

It’s time for a change.

MySpineHealth combines Vanderbilt’s world-class medical care with a reimagined approach that delivers a better experience for your employees at a lower cost, while ensuring appropriate care and can result in a faster return to work. This bundle includes coverage of three common spine procedures: cervical fusion, lumbar fusion and laminectomy.

Exceptional Care. Better Experience. Lower Costs.

With MySpineHealth, you benefit from:

Sound decisions – Only patients who can truly benefit from surgery will be enrolled in a MySpineHealth bundle. 

Streamlined patient journey – Total alignment of financial incentives and a redesigned care delivery model create a dramatically more convenient experience for your employees. This includes the elimination of care delays because of preauthorization requirements that are not clinically necessary.

No surprise billings – Our bundle offers predictable expenses for you and your employees. Everything is covered in a single price, including emergency room visits and hospital admissions following surgery, in the event those occur.
Concierge treatment - From helping prepare for surgery to check-ins during recovery, our patient navigators will help your employees manage their care at every step of the process.

Exceptional results – We have a proven track record for increasing physical function, reducing pain and avoiding complications and readmissions. We also support fast recoveries, with 95 percent of employees returning to work within 90 days. 

MySpineHealth Patient Gets Back to the Job She Loves

How It Works

  • An interested candidate speaks with one of our patient navigators, who confirms eligibility, explains the process and collects required information. 
  • Once administrative eligibility has been confirmed, the patient will be scheduled for a surgical consult to determine clinical eligibility. 
  • If the individual is determined to be a good candidate for surgery, he or she will officially be enrolled in the bundle program. If an individual is determined not to be a good candidate, an alternate course of treatment is recommended. 
  • Pre-surgery education delivered via telehealth helps the patient prepare for the procedure.
  • Surgery will involve a 1-2 day hospital stay for spinal fusions. Laminectomies are typically same day procedures.
  • Our care team will arrange the patient’s post-operative check-ins to ensure they are on the road to recovery. 

Why Vanderbilt?

  • Clinical excellence

    Our world-renowned surgical team is setting new standards for spinal procedures and outcomes measurement. We are trusted leaders in this field.

  • Comprehensive approach

    Our multi-disciplinary team includes providers who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy in addition to spine surgery. We have a wide range of resources available to support you, and we can make sure you gain access to the right level of care.

  • Informed clinical decisions

    We have advanced tools that use data from past patient results to help our surgeons more accurately predict who will benefit most from surgery, based on your age, health status, and other factors.

Let's Get Started

Are you ready for change? 

If you're a patient, please visit our MyHealth Bundles patient page and schedule time with one of our patient navigators.

If you're an employer, email us at or call our sales team at (615) 421–0112 to learn more about how bundles work, our approach and the benefits of a direct partnership with Vanderbilt Health. 

If you're a provider and need more information about a bundles patient, please contact our patient navigators at or call (615) 936–BNDL (2635).

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